Coastal foraging and why Wrack is my new favourite ingredient.

foraged*Firstly- I would like to apologize for the quality of some of the pictures in this post, but I felt that I still wanted to still share them with you, flaws and all.

What a wonderful world!

I was extremely fortunate to attend a Coastal Foraging course arranged by Veld and Sea this weekend.

This indescribable experience reminded me once again:

  • that nature provides us with everything we need
  • what a glorious place we live in and
  • exactly HOW MUCH we need to do anything possible to stay connected.

The day was hosted by foodie-forager, Roushanna Gray, who is in my mind part fynbos forest fairy and part mermaid.

She freely shared her extensive knowledge on the sustainable collecting methods, applications and cooking techniques of Sea lettuce; Wrack; Nori; Tongue weed; Spotted mazella; different species of  mussels; sea urchin and loads of other aquatic creatures on the rock pools of the breathtaking conservation village of Scarborough.

Collected treasures in hand, we set off to the classroom at their Good Hope Gardens Nursery where more demonstrations, tips, hands-on cooking and a leisurely alfresco lunch followed.

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