Wabi-sabi and Graze Slow Food Cafe, Stanford

My kind of perfect: Wabi-sabi.

This Japanese philosophy celebrates beauty in what’s natural, little imperfections and all.

In part the produce at the iconic Graze Cafe Wednesday Farmers Market is exactly that. The veranda is crammed with beautiful, fresh, perfectly wabi-sabi products. Some little imperfections? Yes, please! That’s how you know that they have not been sorted, waxed, sprayed, modified or stimulated. Instead they have been loved, cared for, fed and harvested at just the right time.

Arms full of herbs and flowers,  plump gooseberries still in their thin paper husks, wrinkly grenadillas (that you smell before you actually see them), shiny waves of emerald spinach and the biggest spring onions I have ever laid eyes on makes it hard to pick a favourite!


“Dated” eggs?  😉 Eggs so fresh that they proudly wear their ACTUAL birth date hand scribbled on them, packed au naturale with a strand of straw.

Honey, cheese, fresh yogurt and raw milk can also go home with you if you get there early. The best idea is to get there early and plan to linger a while, as the food, juices and coffees are simply gorgeous and perfect!

This was my Zodwa Special –  luscious, fresh and meat free.


My friend pretty-Linda had a waffle. Just look at that!


Just as I got you drooling and maybe even a tad envious..Did you know that most of the restaurants’ ingredients comes directly and farm fresh from their little piece of heaven just outside Stanford?

Country living….sigh…





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